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Oct 7 - 31 :: Motiv – Sabrina Habel – Cyphergraph

Friday, October 7, 2011 - 7:00am
MOTIV, 1209 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz

The purpose of technical drawings is to communicate complex ideas and processes through visual representation. A key, as the name suggests, is essential for understanding these diagrams Therefore, diagrams without an accompanying key or text become a mystery in and of themselves. Technical drawings are so specific to their subject matter that without additional explanation one cannot be sure of how to interpret meaning or utility by the drawing alone. The artist has combined the concept of a cypher (cipher): encoded information in the form of alphabetical characters or numbers with the Greek meaning of graph: to draw and describe, to create CYPHERGRAPH: a cryptic diagram. Completely flipping the intention of the source material.

Digital prints of the diagrams are enlarged and mounted inside of fiberglass panels, rendering the diagrams both physically and intrinsically inaccessible to the viewer. Some images are lit from behind offering the viewer only superficial illumination. CYPHERGRAPH explores the aesthetic value of such diagrams, offering a visual puzzle to the viewer without asking for an answer. The focus shifts from attempting to derive meaning to enjoying line, symbol, and cryptic emphasis.

CYPHERGRAPH is conceived and created by Sabrina Habel. Sabrina is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and is currently working towards her Masters of Fine Arts degree in Digital Art and New Media at University of California, Santa Cruz. Sabrina works in multimedia, sculptural installation and digital media. This is her first solo exhibition.

CYPHERGRAPH opens October 7th and continues through October 31st at MOTIV in downtown Santa Cruz.

Part of DANM ART NIGHT on Friday, October 21. For more info see [more info] below.