Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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Jordan Magnuson

Digital Art and New Media
second-year mfa students

I like to make games. I am particularly interested in how the most basic elements of interaction and representation can be used to craft meaning and impact in games, and in using games to tackle difficult subjects and complex emotions. Some of my better known creations include Loneliness, Freedom Bridge, and the Gametrekking Omnibus: a collection of small games inspired by travel in Asia

Research Interests: 

I am an experienced programmer, interactive media artist, game developer, and entrepreneur with a passion for learning, teaching, and collaboration. In addition to these main areas of experience, my undergraduate background consists of an eclectic mix of humanities, film studies, philosophy, writing, computer science, art, and physics: I like to learn new things, and connect the dots between disciplines.

Particular research interests:

Interactive media, computational media, nonlinear media, hypertext, serious games, art games, the poetics of games.

Relevant skills and experience:

  • Programming / Web Development (10+ years)
  • Game Design / Interactive Media Art (10+ years)
  • Entrepreneurship (6 years)
  • Teaching Experience (3 years)