DANM Students

first-year mfa students
Dillon Votaw
Ann Altstatt

I like to make art about science and things I find on the ground.

Simon Boas

Simon works primarily with image sequences and computers, exploring their ability to represent memory. He has created multimedia projects for Oregon Public Broadcasting, Drain: Journal of...

Christophe ivins

Climate change is real. Climate change is being substantially increased by humans and the carbon we put into the atmosphere. And it appears to be speeding up. If science has made any mistakes,...

Colleen Jennings
Carinne Knight
Lindsay Moffat
Ian Newman
Parul Wadhwa

I'm interested in the interaction between film and technology to create immersive environments to voice the experiences of marginalized communities. I'm also keen to develop sustainable solutions...

second-year mfa students
Matthew R.F. Balousek

I like ties, tea, awful puns, interactive fiction, necromancy, bugs, &c.


SL Benz
finley coyl
Katherine (Katie) Green

Katherine Green - Artist 

Artwork that attempts to explore inner realities such as emotion and memory through experiments with both "traditional" and "new" media....

////Marguerite Elizabeth Kalhor
Darrell McKelvie Ruppel

By participating and contributing to experiences and conversations, help me build an environment that promotes intimate thought, encourages shared knowledge, and redefines...

Scott Tooby

I am a sound artist and composer creating electronic instruments, digital art, music, and new media. Current project research includes embedded audio systems, robotics, and audio...