DANM Students

first-year mfa students
Matthew R.F. Balousek

I like ties, tea, awful puns, interactive fiction, necromancy, bugs, &c.


SL Benz
finley coyl
Katherine (Katie) Green

Katherine Green - Artist 

Artwork that attempts to explore inner realities such as emotion and memory through experiments with both "traditional" and "new" media....

////Marguerite Elizabeth Kalhor
Darrell McKelvie Ruppel

By participating and contributing to experiences and conversations, help me build an environment that promotes intimate thought, encourages shared knowledge, and redefines...

Scott Tooby

I am a composer and sound artist. Current project research includes embedded audio-processing systems, robotics, and audio transducer fabrication for bioacoustic field recording....

second-year mfa students
Nick Andrade

Nick uses her art practice as a means of expression and resistance, giving voice to stories that are seldom heard. Memory and the role that memory plays in the construction of identity...

Zach Corse

Zach is a first-year graduate student in DANM. His background is in theoretical physics. As such, the sciences inform his work as an artist. Conversely, the arts propel and refine his scientific...

Timothy Furstnau
David Harris


David Harris has taken a circuitous path to his present position as a science communicator and artist. He completed his undergraduate studies with first class honours and the...

Hope Hutman
Sarah Fay Krom

Sarah has been in interactive media for over twenty years working on digital games for both online and mobile platforms, interactive environments for learning and exploring, and interactive...

Sean Pace
Adrian Phillips

Adrian Phillips is a digital media artist and game designer whose work explores the use of procedural rhetoric and the creation of emergent gameplay narratives. He studies the...

Benjamin Spalding

Ben Spalding studies multi-player games as sites of collaborative storytelling. He creates games and software tools as part of his design practice. Ben streams weekly as...

Andrea Steves
Michael Thomét

Michael Thomét is a designer studying experimental game design. He designs games that push the expectations of what games can do and what they can expect of their players. Many of his games offer...

Steven Trimmer

In moments when wonder intercedes we carry ourselves more lightly, breathe more deeply, and perhaps see more lucidly the ways in which we are joined. In reclaiming technology from ordinary...

Marcelo Viana Neto

Artist working in interactive media, interested in the intersection of media, culture, and politics from a postcolonial perspective. I was born and raised in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil,...