DANM Students

second-year mfa students
Lisa Banks

Lisa Banks, a.k.a. BossLisa, is an emerging digital artistliving and working in the...

Gene A Felice II

PORTFOLIO WEBSITE:  http://www.genefelice.com

I am an artist, educator, designer and instigator in search of...

Holly Findlater
Harris David Harris

Harris David Harris focuses on the ways in which media and technology inform how we think about our selves, politics, and culture.  As a performance and visual artist, he plays with pop...

Matthew Jamieson
Phil Ly

My desire is to build a bridge between video games and social justice. My specific interest is in race relations in the United States, and my goal is to create interactive media that are not...

Stacey Mason

Stacey Mason is a writer, critic, and researcher of electronic literature. Her work focuses on the intersection of games...

John Mawhorter
Jonathan Menendez Benavides


"I come from a bloodline of wizards, astronomers, philosophers, warriors, prophets, peace makers, healers and scientists."




David W. Moody

David is a graduate student and teaching assistant at the University of California Santa Cruz where he is pursuing an MFA in Digital Arts and New Media.

He recently completed his...

Danielle Williamson

Danielle has a body of work that spans over different mediums. She began working with Super 8 and 16mm film, enjoying the textures that can be created on celluloid, while also working with digital...

first-year mfa students
Jana Bolotin

Jana Bolotin is a filmmaker and media artist. Her works include mixed media animation, autobiography and commercial documentary.  

Steven Gerlach
Kristen Gillette
Joel Horne

Joel Horne is a visionary, new media artist from Asheville, NC. He utilizes multiple forms of multimedia, robotics and sculpture to extend human expression and transform both himself and those who...

Deirdra "Squinky" Kiai
Wayne Marci

Wayne's a technology savvy, nature enthusiast, rock climbing, aristocrat sailing the seven seas of Northern California, the high sierras, and the open roads. Armed with a single-lens reflex, a...

Sean McGowen
Wesley Modes
Nathaniel Ober
Joan Raspo
Alexandra Riggs

Alexandra Riggs is a current MFA candidate in DANM. She is involved in the Games and Playable Media group and the Performative Technologies group, and has been making games, net art, interactive...

Kelly Sky