Gamelan Plesetan

Left: Multimedia Concert at the UCSC Recital Hall

Gamelan Plesetan Members no.e Parker, Sapto Raharjo
and Professor Rene T.A. Lysloff.

Right: Performance Installation of Gamelan Plesetan at Emergence2007: DANM MFA Exhibition at the Santa Cruz Digital Media Factory.

(photo credits: Lyle Troxell and Luke Bullock)

The Gamelan Plesetan project joins both experimental and traditionally trained musicians together in live, non-idiomatic improvisational electro-acoustic gamelan multimedia performance. The concept of these events is rooted in my 14 years experience of organizing and playing live improvised electronic music at multimedia dance/art/music events that can be best described as modern day "Happenings" (in the spirit of Allan Kaprow).

Gamelan Plesetan events are an expansion of my improvisational work to include musical forms and traditions outside of the electronic music genre, specifically, contemporary gamelan. Musicians trained in both these musics join together in a non-linear cross-cultural musical dialogue that ventures into uncharted musical territory. These musical "conversations" are an important aspect toward achieving mutual understanding and musical education between cultures.

An integral part of the multimedia performance are gamelan controlled visual projections using an interface called the Gamelan Lumina, developed at UCSC by Peter Elsea and Darryl Ferrucci. The Lumina (programmed by Parker in MAX/MSP/Jitter) uses the gamelan instruments to juxtapose and distort images of natural landscapes with those of e-waste generated by our society's growing dependence on technology and its commodification. Motion-capture video of Gamelan Plesetan's actual live performance mixes the above-mentioned visual materials together, on a large projection screen, creating a metaphor that addresses the dangers of this increasing environmental problem, and a message about humankind's responsibility toward greater consciousness regarding the development and disposal of our tools and technologies.

Gamelan Plesetan featured at the 2009 Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival, Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta Indonesia

Sapto Raharjo, composer, director of the Gayam 16 Gamelan Community, founder of the Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival, founder of the Gamelan Gaul Program, and member of Gamelan Plesetan passed away in March of 2009, leaving his spirit and energy to the newly developing generation of gamelan musicians and organizers of the festival....

Past Performances

Future Direction: The Project as Sculpture, Architecture, and New Media Performance Experimentation Space


VIDEO ::_Closing the Circle_ :: Emergence 2007 DANM MFA Thesis Exhibition :: Digital Media Factory, Santa Cruz :: June 8-17 ::

Gamelan Lumina interface/controller programmed by no.e Parker, three point video projections, sonic landscape by >Gamelan Plesetan, gamelan instruments, fabric, plastic tubing, wire, newspaper, plastic shopping bags, redwood duff.

The Exhibition at the Digtital Media Factory was highlighted with two improvisatory musical performances featuring >Patrick Richey on tabla and gong, no.e on electronic gamelan samples, saron, and drum machine, Djnnx Ogo on >electronics, Spukkin Faceship as mixmaster, with guests Simon Hutchinson on samisen at the opening performance on >June 8th, and Chris Microhausen on electronic vistas at the show on June 16th.

Emergence2007: Gamelan Plesetan Photos :: Reviewed in EyeCandy ::

Installation Design for DANM MFA Thesis Show at Emergence 2007

Music ::: Featuring Sapto Raharjo, Rene Lysloff, no.e and Venzha at the 2006 Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival

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