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October 12th, 2005

November 3, 2005

November 8, 2005

November 23, 2005


Field Trip: 12:30 Wed Oct 19th

Important Show

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Page URL
18 Edwin S. Porter, The Great Train Robbery_
18 D.W. Griffith, Birth of a Nation (trailer)
18 D.W. Griffith, Intolerence
20 Robert Weine_The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari_
56 Otto Muehl, short video snippet
214 John F. Simon Jr. Every Icon
214 Holser, Weiner, Kolmar and Melamid Please Change Beliefs
215 Kolmar and Melamind, The Most Wanted Paintings
215 The Dia Center, Fantastic Players
216 The Dia Center, Cheryl Donegan, Studio Visit
216 The Dia Center, Allen Ruppersberg, The New Five Foot Shelf
216 (might be defunct)
216 ®TMARK
217 (not .com as in the book)
217 Matt Mullican at
218 Jake Tilson, Macro Meal
218 Peter Halley, Exploding Cell
218 Frank Fietzek, The Blackboard
220 Oudeis
220 Martha Wilson, Franklin Furnace
220 MTAA, One Year Perfomance Video
221 Kevin and Jennifer McCoy, Every Shot, Every Episode
221 W. Bradford Paley, TextArc
222 ZKM Center for Art and Media: Future Cinema

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