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Graffiti: Sao Paulo

While traveling in Sao Paulo, I was inspired by the incredible public art. Over the course of six weeks, I documented the impressive works in my neighborhood of Villa Madelena. It was by chance that I met Vinicius Spricigo, a Brazilian art student who followed the careers of local graffiti artists. Together we explore several public art hotspots, show the viewer works from established artists, and discuss the unofficial criteria for recognition. This three-part film was designed as a pilot web series for tiva.tv – a videojournalism agency.

Warm Heart Pilot Film: Baan Maneeyom Paper Factory

Warm Heart Worldwide is a non-profit organization with operations in Thailand. This video is part of a project to document the Thai artisans and cooperatives involved with the micro-enterprise wing of the organization. The theme of the project is to “connect consumers and producers” by making videos that show the origin of the products, the creation process, and the faces of the artisans. This video was filmed in April 2009 during a visit to the organization in Phrao, Northern Thailand. While Baan Maneeyom is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second largest city, the language spoken in the film is of the Lanna hilltribe.

Last Days in New Brunswick

A short film about my brother and I skateboarding in our college town. Inspired by Kim Adelman's "Making it Big in Shorts," I produced LDNB with no budget. Post-production was by far the most difficult step of producing this work, taking more than seventy hours. This process began with digitizing the footage, editing, selecting and remixing a musical track, superimposing and colorizing additional footage of waves for the middle section, and applying effects and titles. The superimposed waves are inspired by our skateboarding style, as we visualize "surfing" on land.

Baghdad Egg Face

An experimental music video project created in association with New Zealand composer Jonathan Besser. During recent travels to New Zealand, I worked with Besser to create this video that was projected on a screen and used during a live performance of the work in the annual Auckland Music Festival “AK09.” The concept of the piece is that each word represents a musical chord, with each note being performed by a unique instrument. For example, in the phrase “A gab bee bag,” the phrase is first spoken and then repeated with instruments, where each word represents a cluster of notes (“A” / “G” + “A” + “B” / “B” + “E” + “E” / “B” + “A” + “G”), performed with an oboe, piano, and kazoo. This video is a fusion of the original footage and live recording from the festival. (Note: in case you're wondering about the letter "H" in the poem, after "G" the subsequent letters return to the beginning of the tonal spectrum...in other words, "H" equals the note "A").

Rutgers College Thesis Project

In my senior year of college, I undertook a yearlong independent study that resulted in a short film about human trafficking titled “Understanding the Global Sex Trafficking Phenomenon.” The crux of the abstract is the claim that abject poverty should be blamed for the market of humans as opposed to organized criminal activity and demand for sexual services. The visual style of the film is a mixed-media collage using images, sounds, and video clips. The excerpt is a short segment from the beginning of the film that attempts to pinpoint the beginning of human inequality by analyzing and comparing theories of political philosophers.

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