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02.26.2010 - 03.07.2010 :: "Stop the Press!" An Experimental Performance about the End of the Newspaper

See the work of the Performative Technologies collaborative research project group in "Stop the Press!" -- a new play about the demise of print and the rise of digital media. It is a collaborative production that takes us into two worlds simultaneously: the golden era of the newspaper, and the triumph of the digital age.

New music, 3D animation, video installations, and motion capture combine with live performers in this fantasia on the way we navigate our brave new world.

Presented in the Experimental Theater at the UCSC Theater Arts Center. Directed by Kimberly Jannarone. A co-production of the Theater Arts Department and Digital Arts and New Media MFA program.

Two weekends: Feb. 26,27,28 and March 4,5,6,7

See also & for more information.

02.11.2010 - 03.12.2010 :: "Cielo/Sky Part II" and solarSonic on exhibit in Canary Islands -- Tenerife, Spain

solarSonic, the sonicSENSE project that is the work of the 2009-10 Mechatronics Collaborative Research Group, is part of the Sister Cities show "Cielo/Sky"

02.05.2010 - 02.28.2010 :: "Epiphany" - an exhibition by DANM Faculty Norman Locks and Lisa Kairos

Felix Kulpa Gallery

02.18.2010:: Sound and Image: Exploring Human Rights in Film

UC Berkeley Center for New Media hosts the films of 2009 Human Rights Center Fellows:

Our Right to Sing Carolina Fuentes Social Documentation Program

Lebenverse: Living Video Memory Karl Baumann Digital Arts New Media Program

Trailer for Lebenverse:Living Video Memory

Berkeley Center for New Media Commons, 340 Moffitt Library


For More Information:

03.31.2010 - 04.02.2010 :: DANM MFA Project Review

Second-year DANM students will be showing beta versions of their MFA projects to their thesis committees and others.

04.02.2010 :: DANM Visiting Day

04.30.2010 - 05.09.2010 :: DANM MFA Exhibition at the DARC (Digital Arts Research Center)


Tuesdays at 7pm :: "Artists on Art" Radio Show, host: Nada Miljkovic, KZSC

Tune into KZSC at 88.1 FM on your radio or listen on the web at for the third show about art and artists. If you miss the live presentation, no worry tune into the DANMite Blog for the on-line archival version. Also, if you would like to discuss future show potentials or have a question, send an email to art at kzsc dot org.


02.05.2010 : Fun-A-Day

Since 2004 DANM student, Nick Lally, has been organizing an art project/show called "Fun-A-Day" in which participants choose a project and make a piece of art everyday during January. This Friday, Fun-A-Day shows will open in both Santa Cruz and Oakland (and later in 6 other cities around the country). Nick is organizing the Oakland show and friends are organizing the Santa Cruz show. There will be a ton of projects in both shows, including work from a number of DANM students and at least one DANM staff member. Hope you can make it!

Fun-A-Day Santa Cruz
February 5, 2010 at the Dead Cow Gallery
1040 River Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

2nd Annual Fun-A-Day in the Bay
February 5, 2010, 6-9pm at Rock Paper Scissors
2278 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612

Check out the write-up in this week's East Bay Express:

For more info:

01.29.2010 :: 2nd Annual Global Game Jam kick off speakers

The second annual global game jam at UCSC is coming up, kicking off on Friday, January 29th. But even if you aren't participating in the jam (why not!?) you should still come by the Simularium at 4:00 pm on Friday to check out the great speakers we have lined up. This year, you'll get to hear from:

"All of the talks should be great, so I hope you can make it there." -Noah Wardrip-Fruin, DANM and Computer Science faculty

01.23.2010 :: DANM involved with the NEXTies Event

See Santa Cruz NEXT

12.11.2009 :: DANM Faculty member Barney Haynes' INTERFACE SHOW

12.3-4.2009: Electronic Media and Improvisation Panel, Performances and Workshop

As a part of UCSC’s 2009 International Society for Improvised Music (ISIM) Festival/Conference, this event will include VJ/artist/director Art Jones of New York, Luke Fischbeck of the Los Angeles-based interactive arts duo Lucky Dragons, and Bay Area performance artist/composer Pamela Z. This panel will bring together audio and visual artists whose improvisational approaches wield emerging technological media in innovative and searching ways.

Through improvisation, recombination, chance and repurposing, their pioneering expressions begin to emerge. In addition to a moderated discussion that will explore improvisation as a pivotal ingredient to dynamic electronic interactivity, each of the artists will stage a performance of their work.

The Panel

Date and Time: Thursday, December 3rd at 5:00-6:30pm
Location: UCSC Music Center, Recital Hall

The Performances

Date and Time: Thursday, December 3rd at 4:00-5:00pm
Location: UCSC Music Center, Recital Hall

Date and Time: Thursday, December 3rd at 6:30-7:30pm
Location: UCSC Music Center, Recital Hall

Lucky Dragons: MAKE A BABY*
Date and Time: Friday, December 4th at 2:00-3:30pm
Location: Dark Lab at the new UCSC Digital Arts Research Center, located near the Music Center, Recital Hall

Program (DANM)

10.22 - 10.26.2009: iReport on CNN

The Participatory Culture thesis work of DANM student Drew Detweiler in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will be discussed in an interview broadcast on CNN International's iReport this Thursday 10.22.09. The segment will feature footage of youth from two NGOs, Instituto Dois Irmăos and Cinema Nosso, recording their own video interviews and participating in a VJ workshop.

Some of the footage is posted here: iReport profile

The segment is now online. The interview begins at 3:00 minutes into this clip.

The segment will remain in rotation through Monday 10.26.09

Show times as follows:

Thursday 10/22/09 0830 GMT / 1:30 AM PST / 4:30 AM EST

Friday 10/23/09 0330 GMT / 8:30 PM PST / 11:30 PM EST

Saturday 10/24/09 0800 GMT / 1:00 AM PST / 4:00 AM EST

Saturday 10/24/09 1730 GMT / 7:30 AM PST / 10:30 AM EST

Saturday 10/24/09 2230 GMT / 3:30 PM PST / 6:30PM EST

Sunday 10/25/09 1430 GMT / 7:30 AM PST / 10:30 AM EST

Monday 10/26/09 0230 GMT / 7:30 PM PST / 10:30 PM EST

10.10.2009: The 24hr Thesis

The all-night art-making party in which DANM students propose, develop, prototype, build and exhibit an art project in the space of 24 hours will happen in the DARC starting on Saturday, October 10th at 10am with an exhibition of work on Sunday, October 11th at 10am.

10.07.2009 - 11.21.2009 :: Full Disclosure Show

Opening Reception: 4:30-6:30pm, Sesnon Gallery in Porter College

Nick Lally and Nik Hanselmann have an installation entitled Failbase (831) xxx.4046 in the Full Disclosure show at the Sesnon Gallery:

Failbase (831) xxx.4046 is a system for the collection and output of participant testimonies of failure. By leaving voicemail or sending SMS (text) messages to (831) xxx.4046, participants can submit their failures. As they speak or type, the failures are printed in the gallery as paper receipts. Visitors to the gallery space are encouraged to submit their own failures, as well as to read, cut, notate and file incoming failures according to how they see fit.

Failbase (831) xxx.4046 was conceived and created by Digital Arts and New Media graduate students Nik Hanselmann and Nick Lally under the auspices of E.G. Crichton who invited them to be part of Archive of What's Left Behind in the Full Disclosure show.

09.23.2009, 4-6pm :: DANM Fall Welcome

Faculty, students and staff: Don't miss our Fall Welcome for new and returning students and faculty. We have 25 DANM students this year. All are eager to work hard both on their research and on building our DANM community.

Come meet and greet your colleagues and students! We'll be saying good-bye to Porter College and the lovely koi pond in anticipation of our imminent move to the DARC.

Food and drink! Conviviality! Please join the DANM community in welcoming the new year!

09.18.2009 :: Ed Osborn, former DANM Faculty, performs at THE 10TH ANNUAL SAN FRANCISCO ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL 2009

San Francisco's only festival dedicated to electronic music celebrates its tenth anniversary with four nights of exciting performances, featuring emerging and internationally renowned artists.

Installation and media artist Ed Osborn is a former DANM faculty member and co-founder of SFEMF.

This year's lineup includes a wide array of electronic music pioneers, modern innovators, and emerging artists, ranging in diverse styles and methods from contemporary classical, glitch, music concrete, sound art, free improvisation and experimental pop. The technology represented will range from old school synthesizers to laptop computer patches, including exploration of interactions between acoustic and electronic instruments and charting the artistic evolution of several of the festival's founders. In celebration of it's 10th Anniversary, SFEMF 2009 will feature four of the festival's founding organizers - Miya Masaoka, Pamela Z, Ed Osborn, and Donald Swearingen - one on each of its four evenings.

07.03.2009 - 07.24.2009 :: DANM Artists show Invisible Ingredient at Rock! Paper! Scissors! in Oakland

Opening reception Friday, July 3rd at 6pm

Please come to the opening reception, this Friday July 3, at Rock Paper Scissors. First Friday starts at 6 pm, and the show is up until July 24, when we will have a closing reception at 7 pm. Below are details about the show and the artists involved (Rupa Dhillon, Miki Foster, Lindsay Kelley, Nick Lally, and Elizabeth Travelslight).

Invisible Ingredient brings together five up-and-coming digital artists from the Bay Area whose works uncover the hidden politics and histories of everyday phenomena. Each artist merges art, technology, and craft to make invisible ingredients visible. Miki Yamada Foster's Feminist Craft Corner explores the hidden politics of gender and sexuality by interweaving technology and craft, while Lindsay Kelley examines the borders of food and nonfood through video and text in Starvation Seeds. Nick Lally, Elizabeth Travelslight, and Rupa Dhillon expose everyday invisible phenomena ranging from the relationships between sound and light to the notion of memory and personal reflection. Through the use of electronic sensors and computer programming, Nick Lally uncovers the beauty and complexity behind seemingly mundane data in his untitled series of digital prints, photographs, and accompanying mural. Elizabeth Travelslight explores the notion of personal identity, memory, and reflection in her assemblage series containing found furniture, textiles, and glass. Rupa Dhillon exposes the visibility of sound in (Re)Sounding Light through the use of electronics, beads, and deconstructed musical instruments.

(Re)Sounding Light, by Rupa Dhillon

(Re)Sounding Light explores the relationship between sound and sight though an interactive sonic chandelier that can be touched and spoken to. It takes sound from the audience, which is normally thought of as invisible, and uses its vibrational character to create motion within the chandelier. This motion causes a series of deconstructed instruments to vibrate and generate additional sounds, while also causing the light reflected from the chandelier’s beads to dance around the space. This artwork reveals that the experience of sound goes beyond what is heard: that it can also be seen.

Bio: Rupa Dhillon holds a BSc in Music Technology from London Metropolitan University and an MFA in Digital Arts and New Media from UC Santa Cruz. Her work combines software, electronics and music in order to explore the experiential qualities of sound and investigate issues of accessibility for those with sensory impairments.

Feminist Craft Corner, by Miki Yamada Foster

Feminist Craft Corner is a public access television show and an installation of collaborative Do-It-Yourself (DIY) experiments in crafting and technology. The public access show invites the audience to question their assumptions about how we speak about technology and who can speak for it. The episodes enact a queer staging of media production for the purposes of educating its audience about the intersections of DIY, crafting and technology. These interactive craft pieces encourage participants to playfully engage with objects through the activation of a queer and feminist framework, produced through the selection of content and the construction of form.

Bio: Miki Yamada Foster is a queer hapa multimedia artist from Seattle, Washington. She is a maker of comics, zines, small crafted things, installations and experimental documentaries. Her current work investigates the intersections between DIY crafting and radical feminism and queer theory through the creation of feminist video productions and electronic crafting materials. She received her Bachelors of Arts at the Evergreen State College with an emphasis in Film and Gender and Race Studies.

Starvation Seeds, by Lindsay Kelley

Lindsay Kelley's Starvation Seeds is a video installation, a cookbook, and a research initiative. Throughout the project, Kelley asks the simple question "what is food?" Many of the practices referred to in Starvation Seeds exist at the limit of intelligible cuisine and are not understood as food or eating; such practices might be pathologized as "pica" (the ingestion of nonfood) or viewed in relationship to malnutrition and starvation as refeeding. Such practices reveal bodies at their limits. Starvation Seeds at Invisible Ingredient presents videos documenting the preparation of three fringe foods, opportunities to taste and prepare these foods, and a small book documenting Kelley's recipe development process.

Bio: Lindsay Kelley researches fringe foods, experimental ingestion, and representations of people and plants in narratives of conquest. She has exhibited and published in the United States, Canada, and Australia. She recently completed a dissertation in the History of Consciousness Department at University of California Santa Cruz about food, biotechnology and contemporary art, focusing on artists who use biological processes or "wet ware," and also holds a MFA in Digital Art and New Media from UCSC.

Untitled, by Nick Lally

Untitled is a series of large-format digital prints and a painted mural inspired by the prints. The prints feature visualizations of large amounts of environmental data (sound and light levels) collected over the course of a day using custom-built sensors. The seemingly mundane data is visualized in unexpected, complex and beautiful ways. The project unlocks new potentials for the performance of large amounts of data over time. The visualizations break from the traditional model of graphing data along a time axis; rather than the movement of time instigating the movement of the data, light levels determine its trajectory and path. The work encourages the viewer to understand the everyday in a new way, through its defamiliarization.

Bio: Nick Lally creates multimedia work that explores citizens' experiences living in a society ruled by the logic of the informational network. His work encourages viewers to think about the ways that those changes are manifested and to explore new possibilities for subjective experiences afforded by those technologies. His work takes the form of digital media, prints, video projections, sound, sculpture, photographs, drawings and paintings. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Digital Arts and New Media from the University of California Santa Cruz. He is a founding member of the Artclash Collective and the Thunderwhip Design Collective.

Experimental Archives / Collaborative Media Studies, by Elizabeth Travelslight

Experimental Archives / Collaborative Media Studies brings together four of the most recent developments of Bay Area artist Elizabeth Travelslight. Her works are primarily concerned with knowledge making and knowledge sharing before and beyond the written word. In particular, Travelslight’s works revolve around feminist intertwinings—literal weavings—of texts and textiles and the use of intricately etched mirrors that playfully introduce unexpected possibilities of sight and subject position. Her work explores the inherent tensions and libratory potential between remembering and forgetting, knowing and not knowing, holding on and letting go; all towards the re-forging of new paradigms of relationship.

Bio: Transnationally made and Bay Area born, Elizabeth Travelslight is thirty-three. Orchestrating collisions between material and digital media, she hopes to continue her explorations of writing and philosophy through conceptual art, curious objects, and installations that demonstrate the possibilities of folk art and craft with contemporary technology. She is a graduate student with the Digital Arts New Media MFA program at the University of California Santa Cruz.

06.13.2009 - 07.24.2009 :: DANM Student work part of RUST FEST at McDonough Museum of Art at Youngstown State University, Ohio

McDonough Museum of Art
RUST FEST digital arts and new media festival
June 13 - July 24, 2009
Opening Reception, Saturday, June 13, 6:00-8:00pm
A selection of digital arts and new media from MFA programs within the United States.

Rust Fest, opening June 13th at the McDonough Museum of Art on the campus of Youngstown State University, will feature the work of graduate students from MFA programs in digital arts and new media from eight universities across the United States. This exhibition is a presentation of screen based work in all forms - from animation to computer games and novel visualization environments - to works in 2nd life. In a press release, Rust Fest organizers say, "This exhibition will provide an unparalleled opportunity for visitors to the Museum to encounter compelling new media and digital art works from several progressive MFA programs."

The DANM MFA Program at UC Santa Cruz is participating along with the Rhode Island School of Design, the University of California at Berkley, Alfred University, New York University, the University of Texas at San Antonio, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Minnesota. The exhibition includes works by DANM's own Angela Carroll, Michael Dale and Aphid Stern, Nik Hanselmann and Nick Lally, Laila Shereen Sakr, and Alan Tollefson.

For further information:

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