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by Kyle McKinley and Nick Lally with Ann Altstatt, Karl Baumann, Pou Dimitrijevich, Theresa Enright, Miki Foster, Nik Hanselmann, Jessy Lancaster, Madeline McDonald Lane, Lucas McGranaham, and Sophia Strosberg.

Building anything is a process. Building something good usually involves a lot of people’s ideas and labor. building is what we have called the people and the process of building something good in this building. Each Friday at 2pm, building gets together to talk, eat snacks, and make building. building builds on itself: last week’s building is this week’s built, but this week’s built is the place to build next week’s building. The interests of building include ghosts, software studies, coffee, walks in the woods, things that turn, critical spatial practice, the politics of representation, edge sites, flea markets, poesis, precarity, female-fronted punk bands of the 70s and 80s, and building. However, building interests are always building. The process of building results in traces of those interests. It also involves traces of the art/works of Nick and Kyle. All those traces are the building where you now stand. What will be building tomorrow?

The artists wish to thank: Kelly Brown, EG Crichton, Sharon Daniel, Jennifer González, Shelby Graham, Chip Lord, Josh McVeigh-Schultz, Joshua Muir, Soraya Murray, Jennifer Parker, Warren Sack, Elizabeth Travelslight, Lyle Troxell, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Rob Wilson, Richard Wohlfeiler, and everyone who contributed to building. This presentation was made possible with funding from UCSC’s Porter College Graduate Arts Research Committee and the Florence French Award.

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