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current projects

Open Media For Wikipedia Since August of 2008 I have been working on collaborative video for wikipedia with kaltura.

metavid - An [open source] meta-video archive for political proceedings.
in collaboration with aphid & other participants under advisement of Prof Warren Sack, Jim Whitehead and Sharon Daniel

Awards: "Best Presentations" at graduate research symposium (may 2006)

Press Coverage:
Pixels in the Public Interest UCSC review (spring 06)
(featured) in Artist Rendering, metro santa cruz (april 26 may-3)
Blog Mentions

{for uptodate presentation info see events on the metavid blog } Guest Lecture (w/Aphid) in Warren Sack's fdm171d social information spaces & Elliot Anderson's art- 21 (winter 2006)


A Masters in Fine Arts at University of California, Santa Cruz in the Digital Arts and New Media program 2004-2006

A BA in Computer Science with a concentration in Visualisation and BA in Film & Digital Media from the University of California, Santa Cruz (2004)


SocialComputingLab - member of this group

other/older research and projects

MigraWatch wiki - open content for activist networks. Features a dynamic wiki driven map, a cell phone based rapid response hotline, and related news syndication

hybrid - a project to build an interface and search engine for online deliberation. This project includes research into systems for automated political point of view discovery in very large online conversations for the purpose of supporting deliberative democracy.
in collaboration with Prof Warren Sack

Search the Net for Differences of Opinion: paper presented at online Deliberation / DIAC-2005

Contract Work for Australian Internet Video Search Engine Vquence

Google Summer of Code 06 - adding open source video to wikipeida, for more information see embed media

South @ North @ South - projects in Argentina in the summer 2005:

palabras tranquilas - I wrote a collective video tagging and sequencing software and helped run spanish language workshops. We distributed small mpeg4 video cameras for marginalized communities to record, organize and self-document their daily experience.
in collaboration with Prof Sharon Daniel

TOPO - Technology for Open Public Ontology, a web based system for collective mediation of public spaces.
in collaboration with Dr Fabian Wagmister

Street Stories: Designing Networked, Narrative Places of Community (2004-2005). Designed and implemented java based cell phone applets integrated with flash web application to enable cell phones to record and receive geo-positioned audio narratives.
in collaboration with Prof Warren Sack

presented at 040404

BBC tag visualization project - created a proprietary visualization system for BBC research, that worked on a large scale Folksonomie database (no link available because of NDA) (spring 2005)

Technorati Touchgraph ~ A very simple integration of the technorati api and the touchgraph graphing system.
Runner up winner in the developer contest. (spring 2005)

Mike & Crystal ~ an art project for performance course which involved the creation of an autonomist speech agent for improvisational actor Bob Giges to dialog with. (spring 2004)

(also see my old promo page)

Product Placement Liberation - A short product placement documentary. (2003)

work experience:

UCSC Researcher - social computing lab (june 2006 - present)

Graduate Research Assistant for Prof Warren Sack. (2004-2006)

Graduate Student Researcher, Technology Coordinator & Spanish-English Translator for South @ North @ South social computing research projects in Argentina (summer of 2005)

Technology Consultant for BBC research (spring 2005)

Undergrad Faculty Instructional Computing Web Developer (2001-2004)

Programmer (while in high school) for various web start up's and companies: Community Coupon, ShockCD, MicroVu, Klein Family Vineyards, Circuit writers. (1993-1999)

published writings:

Searching the net for differences of Opinion (online Deliberation / DIAC-2005)

other writings:

Metavid Thesis: Democratizing the Archive: An Open Interface for Mediation (2004-2006 thesis)

Metavid Blog - writings about issues related to open source software and metavid.(2005-present)

Experiments with Emerging narrative - a project playing around with goggle queries, hieratical story structure and flocking animation algorithms.(winter 2005)

The MAME scene and active archiving - a look at the MAME scene where open source builds off of distributed archives. This paper examines how the archive transcends into an participatory archive in re[taLi]ation to the enforcement of intellectual property norms that are oppositional to the existence of the MAME scene. (fall 2004)

course project pages

DANM203 writings and assignments (spring 2005)

Film194g New[s] Media (spring 2004)

Film 177 freefall classification project (winter 2004)

Film 170a Digital Media course. (fall 2004)

Less academic writings

slash dot posters profile

old promo pages

ucsc promopage old promo page from undergrad


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