About Art Games:

Art games are games that say something. This act of communication can be political, a product of the designer's personal expression, or generally a meaningful experience created as a game. Art games function much like other accepted art mediums but utilize and embrace interactivity to transfer their meaning. Rather than creating their games as entertainment (the assumed goal and evaluation criteria for most games), art game designers prioritize their message and the game's expressivity (for the designer, the player, or both).

Sometimes an art game does not conform to the formal definitions for games as described in game studies literature because of its lack of rules, goals, score, etc. These art game designers consciously do this in an effort to reclaim the word game and redevelop its meaning in a context away from the violent and competitive associations of current gaming culture. Other art games carefully craft these formal features of games to support their message. By making a distinction between art games and the popular commercial games, video games can have a space to exist as a respectable art medium.

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