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DANM Tuesdays 4-6 :: Come - and Meet Your Future!

DANM TUESDAYS 4-6 allow the DANM community to come together each week to listen, learn and share our work and play. During winter quarter 2013 the series focus was on professional development. We welcomed DANM alumni back to present about their experiences. Come – and meet your future!

Tuesday, January 8 (4-6)

Pursuing a PhD

We hear from three alumni who have gone on to PhD programs: Karl Baumann ('10), Aaron Reed ('11), and Laila Sakr ('09). Karl and Aaron will attend in person and Laila will participate via skype.

Tuesday, January 15 (4-6)

Building an Art Practice

We hear from three alumni who have been extremely busy building their practices, exhibiting, teaching, you name it: Lyés Belhocine ('10), Drew Detweiler ('10), and Nick Lally ('10). Collaborators Lyés and Drew will attend in person, and Nick will participate via skype.

Tuesday, January 22 (4-6)

Working with Youth

We hear from three alumni that have been involved in working with youth and technology:  Angela N. Carroll (,08), Karl Baumann ('10),and Miki Foster ('09). Karl, Miki and Angela will participate via google hangout.

Tuesday, January 29 (4-6) 

Accessing Grants

Dustin O'Hara ('11), participating from London via skype, shares his knowledge and experience on sorting through the process of accessing grants.

Tuesday, February 5 (4-6)

Exhibiting Your Work

Lily Alexander, UCSC HAVC PhD student, and DANM alums Jessica Hayden Molla ('10) and Christopher Molla ('10) speak on the topic of exhibiting your work.

Tuesday, February 12 (4-6)

Teaching: From Adjunct to Tenure

G. Craig Hobbs ('09) will talk of his teaching experience and the journey from adjunct to tenure.

Tuesday, February 19 (4-6)

Teaching: Thriving as Adjunct Faculty

Angel (Christopher) Ramirez ('06) discusses his success as adjunct faculty.

Tuesday, February 26 (4-6)

Color Theory

Julie Rogge, Arts Division Designer, presents methods and magic of the use of color.  Topics include:  interactions of color, psychological associations of color, creating color palettes and digital color.

Tuesday, March 5 (4-6)
Working in Industry

Tuesday, March 5, Michael Dale '06, Nik Hanselmann '10, and James Pollack '12, discuss working in the digital arts industry.

Tuesday, March 12 (4-6)

Opportunities @ UCSC 

Tuesday, March 12, Daniel Christopher '12, and Kyle Lane-McKinley '10 speak of the hurdles and the rewards of working at UCSC.

Tuesday, March 19 (4-6)

Saying Good-bye

We wish a fond farewell to Lyle Troxell, DANM Technical Coordinator.