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Shelly Errington

Professor Emerita
Research Interests: 

Shelly Errington’s current work focuses on documentary film, photography, arts, and multi-media, and non-linear ethnography. She is currently doing the post-production on her documentary film on the effects of globalization and the production and marketing of artisanal objects. partly as a Visitor at the ECCAVAC in Puebla, Mexico (Espacio Cultural de Cine y Artes Visales, A.C.).

For more information on her works and activities, including a link to her Spring 2010 blog "Documentary post-production Diary," please visit Shelly Errington's personal web page.

She has done fieldwork Papua-New Guinea, Indonesia, and Mexico.

Teaching Interests: 

Shelly Errington regularly teaches courses at the lower-division, upper-division, and graduate level on visual culture, visual semiotics, and the politics of images. She created a course called Multi-Media Ethnography, taught in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2008, and will teach it in Spring 2011.