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Catalina Giraldo: Verde Oscuro

A building-scale video mapping projection.

Catalina Giraldo "Verde Oscuro"

Verde Oscuro is a video mapping projection which masks the Digital Arts Research Center (DARC) facade at UCSC. Here, the audience can travel through the past, present, and future in order to experience the ecological timeline of the DARC. Spectators are able to envision how the building's location, which was once a redwood forest, can in the future be a  green building coexisting in balance with nature. My environmental design philosophy proposes the use of native California plants to promote the integration of nature with architecture. This visualization is the first step toward opening minds and creating awareness of the ground we stand on today.

Catalina Giraldo is a graduate student in the Digital Arts and New Media (DANM) program at the University of California Santa Cruz. She is part of the collaborative research in the participatory culture group, Sierra Nevada: An Adaptation, under direction of ecologically concerned artists Helen and Newton Harrison. Prior to graduate school, she completed a bachelor's degree in biology at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogota, and worked for several years in botany, palinology (the taxonomy of pollen), palaeoecology (reconstruction of past ecosystems using pollen fossil as a proxy) and melissopalinology (bee pollen).  Catalina also experiments with photographing nature and human cultures in Latin America. Currently she is interested in using new media and science research to plant a seed of consciousness for all to treat our planet Earth with respect.