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Eve Warnock: Seekago go

Experimental films in dimension, perspective, content, design and emotion.

Eve Warnock "Seekago"

They opened the door and it all started. Life and death combined. The room filled with breaths and journeys and sacrifices. Eve Warnock presents the first three films from her series of experimental films titled Seekago go. These films are an exploration how dimension, perspective, content, and design can trigger an emotional association within the viewer. The Five films when seen as a whole, tell the story of life, through the relationship of a man and a woman. Each film also works independently to tell an aspect of human ecology. For this installation the three films will be projected on different walls to create an immersive environment.

eve Warnock was born and raised in Ohio.  She is a multi- media artist working in film, performance, costume, set, and new medias.  She is a co-creator of Queen Mae and the Bells, (modern opera troupe), producer of Homeslice, (stop motion animation), director of Seekago (a series of five films), and creator of Denizen (sound based performance).  She has designed fashion for AVEDA and costumes for Times New Viking music Videos.  She is currently gaining her Masters of Fine Art at the Digital Arts and New Media program at the University of California Santa Cruz, where she is learning electronics and computer programming languages, as well as designing a curriculum.