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Invitation to Burning Man Decompression Party, UNCRUZ

Sunday, September 30, 2012 - 7:00am

Burning Man is big for DANM and for Santa Cruz. DANM student Jonathan Menendez writes:

I am a 6th year burner, which means that I have attended Burning Man for 6 consecutive years. I love everything about Burning Man and this year, I feel compelled to do something for the Santa Cruz decompression event. A "decompression" is a regional event that is ran by all the local burners for the community to remember and exhale within the "default world"-- A mini-burning man. 

Santa Cruz has a HUGE community of Burners. Big time! Which is why I have signed DANM up to run a theme camp called Digital DayDreamers, a collective of digital art and new media graduate students from UCSC there to answer every question about your life in the digital world! 

Come meet sexy, intelligent, open-minded, friendly, writhing people at our Digital Transformation Booth. We will provide spiritual and tarot readings for your full needs with a special emphasis on digital addictions and online drama. Receive solutions to your computer problems and software questions, advice on your web presence and allow us to guide you in taking the next steps to how you relate to, with and as technology.

We come from a bloodline of  digital wizards, astronomers, philosophers, warriors, prophets, peace makers, healers and scientists.

Digital doctors taking you to the next level of digital mind body and spirit consciousness.


Our camp at UNCRUZ 

We will have 1 or 2 massage tables.

We may have projectors and a few interactive projects that people can play with and videos of our work. 

We have about 4 art projects. 

We will be giving away doctor's prescriptions--small pieces of paper with our advice.


Location: Santa Cruz Portuguese Hall, 216 Evergreen St, Santa Cruz (near Harvey West Park)