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FEAST Auditions: directed by eve Warnock

Friday, February 8, 2013 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm


Auditions:  FEAST a performance for film

When: Fri. Feb.8th 11-2pm

Where: Digital Arts and Research Center: Dark Lab: 1st floor Black Box Theater DARC 108

Be prepared for movement and vocals

Short Summary

Feast starts with a shot that pulls back to unveil pockets of birds that have collected to feast on the remains of an animal. Bird masks and wings will adorn the performers. Scarcity is abundant and abundance is scarce. All will have food but some will have more scrumptious parts than others.  It’s a line of skills, strength, quickness, diversion, and strategy.  All have their tactics. After the feast the birds come together in song. Belting a beautiful chorus. A funeral, a Wake. Community, family, celebration.

Feast is the study of survival and celebration by exploring scavanger bird behaviors with human social eating behaviors. (scheduled to shoot May 2013)