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concert :: florent colautti :: david kant :: nathan ober

Saturday, May 9, 2015 - 3:00am to 5:00am

Don't miss this upcoming concert featuring Florent Colautti on electric ebows, David Kant on chaos, and Nathan Ober on video.

Friday, May 8 at 8pm
Light Lab (3rd floor)
Digital Arts Research Center, UCSC


About Florent Colautti:

I compose and play live electronic/electro-acoustic music using a specific set on a homebuilt string instrument with electromagnetic bows (e-bow) piloted by the computer. Then, I amplify the string sound and process it using Max/msp. The instrument offers special sound modes: short sounds, continuous sounds, pitched or not, and various behaviors related to electronic control and transformations. The instrument sounds acoustic, but amplification (pickups + contacts) recovers its various audio qualities. I'm focused on shaping the matter of the strings, carving and reconstructing it, but also on the physical quality and texture of the acoustic strings vibrations. In a plastic approach to sound, but also by the spread in the environment, I'm focused on sound morphologies and metamorphoses.