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eve Warnock (danm '13) and OpenLab

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 1:00am to 2:45am



by Pelham Johnston and eve Warnock (DANM '13)

OpenLab exhibit at LightLife Live, California Academy of Sciences


Thursday, May 14, 6-7:45pm

California Academy of Science, San Francisco, CA


In Vessels, water is used to visually and sonicaly represent biometric data. The visitor's heart rate is measured by reading blood density in the fingertip, and transposed into a liquid sequence which travels through a tube in the gallery. This sequence ends as it drops onto a resonant steel drum, translating the sequence to sound. The water is collected in a reservoir for recirculation through the system.

Visitors can see their heart rates visualized in front of them, and can watch the patterns of their hearts as the sequences travel through the tube. This allows for time to reflect on their influences on these rhythms and how these sequences may change with changes in their emotional states.