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adrian phillips and ben spalding (danm '16) at dare/protoplay

Adrian Phillips and Ben Spalding (DANM '16) have teamed up to form Intimate Systems and collaborated on the game, You + the Garden: A Game of Exploration and Intimacy. They were on the road this summer at Dare/Protoplay in Edinburgh from August 13-16.

Adrian writes: "Dare/Protoplay went extremely well! It was a fantastic venue, and we were able to show the game to a huge number of people since the the festival gets thousands of attendees. We were able to meet many young developers from around the world with whom I believe we will build lasting relationships, and we were also fortunate enough to be there at the same time as the Edinburgh Game Symposium. It was so interesting to see how people reacted and approached our work, both on a technical and conceptual level."