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andrea steves (danm '16) receives chancellor's teaching fellowship


DANM student, Andrea Steves, has been awarded a Chancellor's Teaching Fellowship for 2015-16. She will be teaching a course she has designed, "Social Practice and the Environment." The competition was extremely fierce this year for the fellowship. Last year Joel Horne (DANM '15) received the same fellowship and just taught his course in the winter quarter.

Andrea is an artist, designer, and ecologist interested in sound, art, tech, the environment, and how these things intersect. Since 2010, she has worked collaboratively with Timothy Furstnau (DANM '16) as FICTILIS. They ran an experimental studio/gallery space in Seattle from 2010-2012 and now work on projects and installations in Oakland. Here at DANM she works on multimedia artwork that centers on climate change and the environment.

Andrea also advises and consults with both public and private organizations on environmental sustainability, design, and social enterprise. She previously worked in tech product management, design research, and operations (Toyota, Amazon, Google), have an MBA (Nonprofit management and sustainability), and degrees in Media Art, CS, and classical saxophone.

Recently she and Tim, along with artist Christina Yglesias curated a show of Oakland Supercut films, featuring a program of supermontage films that screened during Oakland's artwalk - more info here. Here's a sample of a supercut.

Andrea and Tim also developed two prototypes with Sabrina Habel (DANM '12) and artist Mary Anne Kluth as part the 50 proposals on display for YBCA's Market Street Prototyping Festival. One of thie funded projects is a giant gold nugget that will be situated in front of a Chase Bank.