Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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Avital Meshi

Digital Art and New Media
second-year mfa students

I am interested in questions regarding the real and the virtual. What is it that constitutes the real? What is the importance of the imaginary? How our virtual-experiences influence our real lives? What is the significance of our virtual-friends?

Research Interests: 

Behavior of Virtual People, Sroty-telling in Virtual Reality, Virtual relationships and experiences, Role-Play and Identity construction in Video-Games and Virtual-worlds.

Education and Training: 
BFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago
MSc, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
BSc, Biology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Selected Exhibitions: 

"Science, Technology and The Future of Art", Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, 2017

"Code/Switch" - Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, 2016

"Uncunny Dance Party" - Digital Art Demo Space, Chicago 2016