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dani wright

Digital Art and New Media
second-year mfa students

dani wright | she/they | 23 | UCSC 2022 Digital Art & New Media: Experimental Play | UCSC 2020 Art and Design: Games & Playable Media | queer vampire enthusiast



dani is a 23 year old game designer studying as an MFA student at UC Santa Cruz. She has studied computer science for eight years and game design for five years ever since discovering an interest in it at the end of high school. After loving a couple of design-centric courses, they switched their undergraduate major from Computer Science: Game Design to Art and Design: Games & Playable Media. Currently she is pursuing an MFA in Digital Art and New Media: Experimental Play at UC Santa Cruz. Their games are often posted on their itch page.

dani is passionate about creative projects and enjoys reading books, playing games, and watching movies and shows. She enjoys science fiction and fantasy stories, specifically ones that feature diverse characters and good writing. And (queer) vampires, which has been their Quarantine Hyperfixation™.

Research Interests: 

queer studies, queer games, gothic texts, game design, monstrosity

Education and Training: 
B.A. Art and Design: Games & Playable Media