Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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Heather Logas

Digital Art and New Media
MFA Class of 2012

I am a game artist interested in role-playing, story driven interactive experiences and introspective play.  

By the very nature of their interactivity and playfulness, games are a powerful medium for encouraging people to consider the choices they make in the world around us.

Research Interests: 

I am a member of the Playable Media research group.  I am interested in:


  • Role-Playing Games
  • Choose Your Own Adventure style stories and game books
  • Game experiences as a form of personal introspection
  • Games for teaching self-esteem and interpersonal skills to young people
  • Collaboration with artists in other disciplines to create games in unexpected formats and spaces


Selected Publications: 

I wrote some stuff too...

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