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Irene Lusztig

Assistant Professor
Film and Digital Media
Research Interests: 


Film and video production, experimental documentary, ethnographic film, autobiographical film, editing Irene Lustzig's work as a film / video maker engages with the production of historical memory, and the intersections and disjunctions among personal, collective, and national memories. Her films take as their point of departure the exploration of the following theoretical and formal concerns: the juxtaposition of past and present, filmmaking as an act of reframing history, the interplay between archival footage and contemporary material, and the reinterpretation of archival and propaganda images (especially in the context of communist / post-communist society). She is interested in creating films and digital works that use hybrid formal strategies (re-enactments, collage techniques etc.) and combine visual textures (including digital video, Super 8, 16mm, found footage, television, and downloaded images) to create alternative modes of documentary expression, films that mine both the more traditional vocabulary of ethnographic / observational film and that of experimental film. By interweaving footage of different genres/textures from different historical periods, her work attempts to create a visual vocabulary that addresses interstitial spaces in history and representation.