Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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Kavi Duvvoori

Digital Art and New Media
MFA Class of 2019

I am interested in structure, language, meaning and form - especially as they are investigated and reconfigured in interdisciplinary encounters. I write computationally mediated poetry, think about the limits of language, and explore the Oulipian premise that investigating constrained forms can be a way towards artistic freedom.

Semi-professional website: (The url validator here will not permit ".xyz" domains in the "website" field!)

Research Interests: 

Digital language arts; abstract algebra and category theory; pataphysics and nonsense; games and interactive media; linguistics and poetry/fiction; and Bourbaki and the OuLiPo.

Education and Training: 
Sc.B, Mathematics / A.B., Literary Arts with Honors, Brown University