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Emily Martinez

Digital Art and New Media
MFA Class of 2012

I was raised by cats, portable cassette players, and Miami culture.  I have a background in visual arts and photography, but am more influenced by sound, music, math, and the written word.  

My current practice and research interests lie somewhere between the invisible and the embodied, engaging in overlapping themes that explore epistemological questions about the nature of consciousness, paradoxes brought forth by anomalous phenomena, as well as the concept and experience of the sacred.  The corresponding works use the human body as an interface to amplify and manipulate the sensory perceptual systems, exposing simultaneously the complexity and ambiguity of how the "self" is intimately coupled with the natural (past), the technological (future), and the ineffable (present, always becoming).



Research Interests: 

Affect Studies, Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI), Buddhist Philosophy, Cognitive Neuroscience, Data Mining, Digital Media, Digital Cinema, Digital Culture, Digital Folklore, Digital Humanities, Dreamtime, EEG Biofeedback, Embodied Mind & Cognition, Emergence, Evolution of Consciousness, Phenomenology of Temporality, Media and Collective Memory, Philosophy of Time, Trauma Theory, Visual Memory, Visual Neuroscience, Visual Perception  

Education and Training: 
B.F.A. in Visual Arts, Florida International University, Miami, FL
Selected Exhibitions: 

Solo Exhibitions

2010 Speaking In Parables Will Get You Nowhere With This Crowd Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood, FL

2008 All Of The Above Broward College Fine Arts Gallery, Davie, Florida.


Selected Publications: 

2008 Fashion Editorial Feature: “Mystereality”, Beautiful Decay, Issue W


Teaching Interests: 

Teaching Assisantships 2010 - 2012

History Lit & Technology of Electronic Music MUS80C | Fall 2010 
Women in Music MUS80S | Fall 2010 
Introduction to Production Techniques FILM20P | Winter 2011 
Intro to Photography ART80D | Spring 2011 
Narratives of the Popular: Las Americas ANTH133 | Sum 2011 
The Film Experience FILM80A | Fall 2011 
2D Foundation ART10G | Winter 2012 
Intro to Visual Arts ART80C | Spring 2012 


Honors and Awards: 

2011 Division Award, 7th Annual Graduate Research Symposium, UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA*

2011 Finalist, Big Ideas Grant, CITRIS, Berkeley, CA*

2011 Florence French Scholarship, UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA

2010 Regents Fellowship, UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA

*as part of Mechatronics Research Group


Office Location: 
DARC 104
Office Hours: 
Thursday 2-3pm