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Adrian Phillips: No Frontier

A digital game addressing the frontier fantasy

Adrian Phillips "No Frontier"

The frontier fantasy is a notion that has enabled the destruction and subjugation of native peoples, providing a romantic justification for colonial and imperial dogmas. No Frontier addresses these notions of frontier fantasies through a digital game for two players in which one player takes the role of a native population, while the other takes the role of a newly-arrived foreigner. Throughout the course of play, both players must come to terms with the colonial situation in which they find themselves, and discuss and negotiate what is ultimately a complex, ever-changing issue.

Adrian Phillips is a digital media artist and game designer whose work explores the use of procedural rhetoric and the creation of emergent gameplay narratives. He studies the ways in which these methods create meaning within playable media. He is currently pursuing an MFA in the Digital Arts and New Media program at UC Santa Cruz, with an emphasis in Playable Media. He completed his undergraduate education at UC San Diego with a major in Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts and a minor in Computer Science.