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Alexandra Teixeira Riggs: We Arrived // Chegamos & It Had To Be With You

Alexandra Teixeira Riggs "We Arrived // Chegamos & It Had To Be With You"

We Arrived // Chegamos and It Had To Be With You both address themes of language, cultural authenticity, borders, and contemporary globalization. We Arrived // Chegamos makes use of the structure and aesthetics of language learning software, focusing on translation and attempts at understanding social and cultural situations within the artist’s familial narrative. It Had To Be With You is an interactive poem that unfolds as a series of words animated in time to music. The poem relies on memory, fragmentation, and
translation to conjure up notions of unresolved cultural identity, familial distance, and attempts at understanding. By focusing on a personal narrative, these works navigate the borders of languages, generations, and continents, investigating broader notions of identity within a digital global epoch.

Alexandra Teixeira Riggs is a new media artist and second year MFA candidate in the Digital Arts New Media program at UC Santa Cruz. Working within the intersections of art, writing, game design and web development, she focuses on creating new platforms (both physical and digital) for interactive fiction, games and new media art. Video by Dani Williamson.