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Joel Dream: Portrait of Resonance and Chaos

Joel Dream "Portrait of Resonance and Chaos"

Portrait of Resonance and Chaos is a performative, interactive architecture made of large mechanized pendulums that move as a networked system and display projected imagery. The movements of these pendulums are precisely controllable and the patterns of their motion are driven by generative algorithms that explore complex harmonics, chaos and fractalizing relationships across their network. This continually reforming space is illuminated by projected imagery that swipe into view as the multiple planes of motion interact with and recontextualize its image into the environment. The opening and closing arms of the pendulums create an alluring passage for audience to enter the sculpture and experience its dance from the inside.

Joel Dream is a new media artist and inventor currently based in Santa Cruz, California. He integrates mechatronics, projections and immersion into performative architecture and sculpture. Dream's installations have been featured at events in Atlanta, Washington DC, San Francisco, and around the country. Video by Dani Williamson.