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Kelly Sky: Resilience

Kelly Skye "Resilience"

Resilience is an interactive documentary project focused on sharing community-based ecological restoration stories. Beginning with two watersheds in the remote Peruvian Andes, this ongoing project is a collection of very short film poems, which act as mobile verses in an interactive film that adapts to the viewers’ interests.
The Resilience interface is modeled after a weaving loom that frames the content using different perceptual and conceptual threads. The viewer can use this loom to weave together film verses and photographic haikus, thereby creating their own unique poetic micro-documentaries. This creates a fluid and interactive story fabric that can be seen from many different points of view. By weaving together these stories of struggle and transformation, this interactive documentary explores humanity’s potential to be resilient amidst extreme drought conditions and unprecedented ecological change.

Kelly Skye is a multimedia artist, filmmaker and ecologist. Her work explores expanded forms documentary film and photography that are lyrical and immersive. Her focus is on co-creating visions of ecological resilience based on ideas of embedded interdependence and systems thinking. Her guiding intention is to support community based efforts to restore and protect life-sustaining ecologies. Video by Dani Williamson.