Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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Kristen Gillette: ReSound

Kristen Gillette "ReSound"

ReSound uses sound as a vessel to explore the Arctic Circle’s changing landscape. Different data sets, ranging from temperature fluctuations to sea-ice extent, are transformed into synchronized audio tracks that sonically describe the planet’s changing climate. These layers of audio form a complex soundscape, which functions as both a stand-alone musical composition and an interactive environment connected to the ReSound’s main visual component, a large-scale map. Interacting with this map, users can affect the characteristics of the multiple data streams and even change the system itself, essentially “playing” the climate shifts occurring in the Arctic Circle and rippling throughout the globe.

Kristen Gillette is an artist-designer with a penchant for practical magic and results-driven mischief-making. This usually amounts to a mix of breaking down oppressive systems, challenging dominant narratives, time travel, and/or striving to reimagine and rebuild from multiple perspectives with other rebel rousers in Santa Cruz, the Bay Area and beyond. Video by Dani Williamson.