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Sean McGowen: Public Goods

Sean McGowen "Public Goods"

Public Goods is an installation that illustrates the ability of experiment based art to challenge existing theory, which stands as a pillar of unchecked law. Using the lexicon of experimentation and the participatory digital art, Public Goods seeks to challenge this economic game by means of communal interaction and altruism. Public Goods is a sculptural installation with interactive video designed to challenge the game theory for which it is named by altering the cooperation and ‘punishment’ structure within the Public Goods game the artist intends to create a test of altruism.

Sean McGowen is a Santa Cruz based artist, whose work focuses on a mix of technology and economics. He has received a BA in Art and Economics, from UC Santa Cruz and is currently studying for an MFA in Digital Arts and New Media. By using his economic education he creates installations which challenge existing theories in a gallery setting. Video by Dani Williamson.