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Steven Gerlach: Topological Projections

Steve Gerlach "Topological Projections"

As part of the Pan-DANM-odioum Ball at UCSC’s Digital Arts and Research Center on April 25, 2015, projection artist Steve Gerlach will provide the digital visuals for the event by using projectors and LED lighting to illuminate the tall, angular surfaces of the DARC façade above the main Ball area – there will be vivid images from the past transforming through the evening. His goal is to complement the success of DANM’s rich ten-year history as it resides in UCSC’s larger 50th celebration while not overpowering it. The memories and illusion will help to create a festival atmosphere for participants to mingle while enjoying a spring evening.

Steve Gerlach began working in live performance at very young age in the rural Midwest. He quickly left the spotlight’s focus and found a calling in production design. Steve’s lifelong pursuit took him off the farm and eventually on to the Great White Way of Broadway. Fulfilling his dream, Steve has branched out to research new technologies and their possibilities in live performance. Video by Dani Williamson.