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2022 MFA Exhibition: "Unforgetting"

Mohamadreza Babaee "Global (re)Entry"

Laura Boutros "Amduat: The Twelve Hours of Ra"

Forest Reid "The Last Galician Switchboard"

Dave Crellin "Troubled Waters: The Ocean as Contested Space in California Surf Culture"

dani wright's "blood play"

Friday, April 22, 2022 - 12:00am

Digital Arts Research Center, UC Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064

  • April 22, 4pm, Digital Arts Research Center Room 308: Opening Reception
  • April 23, 1pm, Digital Arts Research Center Room 308: Symposium and artist presentations
  • eXperimental Theater, UCSC, performances: May 20-29

The UC Santa Cruz Digital Arts and New Media (DANM) MFA program presents unforgetting, the culminating exhibition of the 2022 MFA cohort. Five artists,
Mohamadreza Babaee, Laura Boutros, Dave Crellin, Forest Reid, and dani wright present new works of media art in the form of installations, games, experimental theater, video, and site-specific installation, curated by Yolande Harris.

The exhibition will take place in person at the Digital Arts Research Center, April 22 through May 1, 2022 and the eXperimental Theater, May 2029 at UCSC main campus, with extensive information about the exhibition and the artists available at

unforgetting captures the essence of the five individual voices that have formed out of two years of concentrated artistic research and development at DANM. Common threads of lost histories, hidden realties, and hauntings permeate the works. The artists are questioning and actively participating in the destruction of old systems of oppression by imagining new systems in their place. Envisaging a better outcome, one that arises by refusing to accept continuing erasures of histories and identities, they engage with technologies and digital media as forms with which to critique the very systems of oppression that engender them, a kind of subversive turning inside out of digital media.

What results is socially engaged, politically conscious and deeply empathetic experiences which, rather than confront or exclude, effectively draw diverse audiences into these processes.

Mohamadreza Babaee’s Global (re)Entry creatively simulates and redesigns the Customs and Border Protection agency’s “Global (re)Entry” software as a pro-immigrant 2D video game and installation. The experimental theater performance by Laura Boutros, Amduat: The Twelve Hours of Ra, explores the Egyptian-American diaspora through a museum’s journey into the ancient Egyptian underworld. Dave Crellin presents Troubled Waters: The Ocean as a Contested Space in California Surf Culture, a site-specific installation exploring the history of white supremacy, racialized exclusion and erasure in the formation of the so-called “California Dream” in surf and beach popular culture throughout Pacific Coast leisure spaces. Forest Reid’s The Last Galician Switchboard is an interactive video installation that lyrically composites archival footage with Yiddish folklore, literature and music. dani wright’s blood play explores their concept of a ‘queer gothic’ genre through game fragments, printed zines, installation and theory.


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Attend in person.
Opening: April 22
Ongoing Exhibition: open hours for self-guided viewing of the exhibition April 22–24 and April 29–May 1.
Free and open to the public.
Please review the COVID-19 Protocols in advance of the event (see below).


  • April 22, 4pm, Digital Arts Research Center Room 308: Opening Reception
  • April 23, 1pm, Digital Arts Research Center Room 308: Symposium and artist presentations
  • May 20–22 & May 26–29, Theatrical Production: Amduat More info on Amduat here.

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