Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

Works and Ideas

Dave Crellin "Troubled Waters: The Ocean as Contested Space in California Surf Culture"

“Troubled Waters: The Ocean as Contested Space in California Surf Culture,” is a site-specific intervention exploring the history of white supremacy, racialized exclusion, and erasure in the formation of the so-called “California Dream” in surf and beach popular culture throughout Pacific Coast [more...]

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Engaging a range of artistic disciplines, students in this lab will draw upon moving and still images to create visual and sonic languages for production, exhibition and installation.

This project group invites those who want to invent and explore new play spaces. It seeks participants who will take play-oriented approaches to storytelling, ideology, sociality, performance, civic participation and other rich areas of human life.

Explore the creative potentials and social implications of emerging technologies and cultural practices.  Experiment with ideas, processes, collaborative research, and social action.  Become a critical thinker, artistic innovator, and responsible leader.

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