Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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Collaborative Research

The Collaborative Research Project Groups are a unique aspect of the DANM experience. Students participate in a Project Group in one of four DANM research focus areas. These faculty-led studios begin in winter of year 1 and culminate in fall of year 2 (three consecutive terms). When applying to DANM, students identify their top two choices among the areas of DANM research. Project group leaders select applicants for admission to DANM and serve as their primary mentors.
2017-18 Collaborative Research Project Groups
2016-17 Collaborative Research Project Groups

The Project Groups provide a context for students to learn collaborative and practical research methodologies, while participating in a professional-level research project.

There are several approaches to collaboration in DANM's research project groups:

• The group leader may use the overarching project model and integrate individuals into their research, assigning tasks with a specific outcome in mind, potentially taking the piece into the world with each participant receiving credit. 

• The leader may have an overarching theme for the group and individuals may contribute unique pieces of their own devising; the work of the group may travel out into the world together. 

• The group members may critique each other's work but each individual pursues their own research. Groups exhibitions, performances, publications, etc. are optional.