Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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Program Requirements

Each student in DANM is admitted to a specific Research Group. The groups share core classes in DANM, and may include courses from other graduate programs:

In the first year, students generally take three courses per term:  a mix of New Praxis, Studies, and Collaborative Research, plus one elective. In the second year, students primarily take electives, complete their Collaborative Research, work with their thesis committees, and pursue independent and directed research leading to the completion of the thesis project and paper.

Thesis Requirement

Students are required to complete a thesis project and written paper under the supervision of their thesis committee. The thesis will be an arts project with digital documentation accompanied by a written paper. Thesis projects may be individual or collaborative and are expected to grow out of the research pursued in the project groups during the three quarters prior as well as work developed in new praxis courses. Each student will be expected to complete a 20- to 30-page paper discussing the student’s preparatory research as well as the theoretical significance of the project. In the case of collaborative projects each student will be required to submit his or her own paper. During the thesis year, students will make at least two progress presentations to their thesis committee. The chair of the three-person committee will be a full or associate professor and DANM faculty member. A completed thesis project and paper must be submitted to and approved by the thesis committee before the degree can be awarded.