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Thesis Process: Key Dates & Deadlines

These deadlines are designed to guide students through development and completion of their thesis in a timely manner.
The deadlines for deliverables to the Graduate Division - Application for Master's Degree, submission of final thesis via ProQuest - are strict.
Other missed deadlines may be justification for recommendation of academic probation by the DANM Director, at the advice of the thesis committee and graduate adviser.

Year 1



Last day of quarter (~June 15)

All thesis committee members have agreed to serve on thesis committee.
APPROVAL DUE - Thesis Committe Form

Year 2


Week 5 (~Nov 1) Submit written thesis project proposal to committee (2500-5000 words).
Week 7 (~Nov 15) Meet with committee to discuss proposal
Last day of quarter (~Dec 14) All thesis committee members have approved the submitted Thesis Abstract based on project proposal. (Students who have not received signed approval for their thesis abstract will be recommended for probation.)
APPROVAL DUE - Thesis Abstract form


By the end of the quarter Meet with committee once to discuss progress on MFA project


Week 2 (~April 15) Meet with committee to review functioning beta version of MFA project and establish Critique Topics.
APPROVAL DUE - Studio Review Critique Form
Last day of Week 2 (~April 14) Deadline to apply for Spring graduation
FORM DUE - Application for Master's Degree
Lask weekend in April (~April 27) MFA Exhibition
Week 7 (~May 18) Send Draft of thesis paper to committee, at least 5 days before Oral Defense
Week 8 (~May 25) Meet with committee for Oral Defense. All thesis committee members approve that student passed the Oral Defense, with or without more edits required on thesis before approval.
APPROVAL DUE -  Oral Defense Review Form
Weeks 8-10 Resubmit thesis paper to committee if edits were requested after Oral Review.
*See Grad Div Site (~June 1) Last day to submit completed thesis via ProQuest upload and ink-signed title page to Grad Division office if you would like your name in the Commencement program.
*See Grad Div Site (~June 4th) Last day to register with Graduate Division for Commencement ceremony
Last day of the Quarter (Jun 14) 

Final deadline to submit completed thesis via ProQuest upload and ink-signed title page to Grad Division office. The original signatures of your committee on your title page are the final approval of your thesis and allow you to graduate.