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Current DANM Students

Mohamadreza Babaee, Ph.D., is an Iranian performance and digital media studies scholar and interdisciplinary artist. His research and creative areas of interest include Migration, Surveillance, Critical Race Theory, Iran, and the broader Middle East. He frequently presents at performance studies... more

Egyptian. But American. So they fight. Hence "The Crisis." sometimes in a theater. sometimes on film.

Ian Costello works with models as a bridge between ecology and computer simulations. Current research involves the shortcuts, simplifications, and procedural algorithms used to approximate natural processes, and the role they play in shaping and distorting our interpretations of those... more

Dave Crellin, MA., is a director, performer, writer, scholar, educator, and interdisciplinary artist, working primarily in live, performative media. He has created art for over 25 years throughout most of North America and Western Europe, his practice ranging from collaboration with theatre... more

Nicki Duval (they/them) is a first-year student in the Digital Arts and New Media MFA program. In their sound, image, and research work, they explore spatiotemporality, queerness, liminality, (in)tangibility, and the fragmentation memory and subjectivity. Currently, they are developing two... more

Credit to Patrick Stephenson for the portrait photo.

Angie Fan is researching applied and weaponized cuteness in technology across cultures. They work with VR, machine learning, and experimental games to engage players in dialogue with cuteness. Seeking cross-disciplinary collaborators specialising in games development, machine learning, and... more

The future is something we build through collective effort. I seek collective in every form - community, wherever it can be found - so that I may assist in the propagation of class consciousness, the envisioning of a brighter future, and the networking of disparate interests toward our... more

James Forest Reid is a Bay Area based sound designer, composer, and installation artist. He has diverse experience with sound including archival preservation, data sonification, and studio engineering. He has worked with the La Jolla Playhouse and the Scripps Institution of... more

As a full-time artist and part-time student worker, my practice focuses on queer sexuality and body positivity via large scale art installations and intimate digital interactive experiences.

Materials: hammer, nail, paint,  keyboard, mouse, pixel.

Director and Multimedia artist Rory Willats is a first-year MFA student within DANM's Future Stages Lab. His current research traces the relationships between mediated/surveilling gazes, embodiment, desire, and the revelation of lack. 

dani wright | she/they | 23 | UCSC 2022 Digital Art & New Media: Experimental Play | UCSC 2020 Art and Design: Games & Playable Media | queer vampire enthusiast



dani is a 23 year old game designer studying as an MFA student at UC Santa Cruz. She has studied... more