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Elliot White

Digital Art and New Media
first-year mfa students

Elliot White is an independent multimedia artist and game maker who works predominantly with video, sculpture, illustration, and writing. Much of their work involves the creation of trans and queer stories through monsters. Their work is heavily influenced by science fiction and horror as well as modern goth and internet culture.


Some of their works include a comic about a queer retelling of Dracula and live action interactive horror mystery game to uncover the fates of three missing students. They’re currently working on an interactive sculpture and video installation about trans surgery and intimacy. They have had their work featured in the Davis Film Festival and were put on the shortlist Melbourne’s Queer Games Festival for their game Bloodsucking Blues, a night with a lonely gay vampire in his apartment.

Research Interests: 

Monster histories, vampires, internet-mediated identity, print & repeatable media, body transfiguration, comics & interactive fiction, costume