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DANM Forms


Thesis Process (see Thesis Process Timeline: Key Dates & Deadlines)

Thesis forms are completed using Docusign for digital signatures. Each form is initiated by the student. Complete the Docusign web form at each link below; after completing the web form, immediately continue to Docusign to begin the signing process. Click the links below and you will be prompted to enter your committee's names and emails to route the form to them for signature. Log onto your UCSC Docusign account at

  1. DANM Thesis Committee Form (Docusign)
    Establish your thesis committee chair and members - end of year 1 (see PDF preview)

  2. Thesis Abstract (Docusign)
    Approval of your Thesis Abstract and Project Proposal - end of Fall year 2 (see PDF preview

  3. Studio Review Critique Topics (Docusign)
    In a studio visit with your committee, establish the Critique Topics you will address in the Oral Defense - early Spring year 2 (see PDF preview)

  4. Application for Master's Degree (PDF)
    Basic application form to graduate - due end of week 2, Spring year 2. Sign and send to DANM Advisor.

  5. Oral Defense (Docusign) 
    Present your exhibited and written thesis to your committee to assess if you addressed the Critique Topics - end of Spring year 2 (see PDF preview)

  6. Submit final written thesis via ProQuest upload; submit hard copy title page with committee's inked signatures to Grad Division office - by last day of Spring year 2

Thesis Templates