Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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Students are required to take four Core Seminars over two years and have the option to take two Studies electives.

Studies–Year One

DANM 201 Recent Methods and Approaches to Digital Arts and Culture—In this seminar students examine an array of methods and approaches to research and writing in digital media art and culture and explore key theories concerning digital media and cultures.

DANM 202 Dialogues and Questions in Digital Arts and Culture—A pre-thesis course in which students engage in dialogues at the intersection of theory and practice with the goal of producing a pre-thesis proposal and preparatory essay. Readings and seminar discussions will inform the development of pre-thesis project proposals and essays.

Studies–Year Two

DANM 203 Professional Development for the Arts— Students research opportunities and develop professional skills and practical strategies to ensure success after earning their DANM MFA. Enrollment restricted to graduate students.

Elective—Students may choose to take an elective offered by the program or choose an elective from a broad array of graduate courses offered on campus with the approval of their adviser.