Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

Works and Ideas

Feminist Craft Corner Preview

Miki Yamada Foster’s Feminist Craft Corner is a public access television show and an installation of collaborative Do-It-Yourself (DIY) experiments in crafting and technology. The public access show invites the audience to question their assumptions about how we speak about technology and who can speak for it. The episodes enact a queer staging of media production for the purposes of educating its audience about the intersections of DIY, crafting and technology. These interactive... more

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From the 1970s to the rise of independent games, art games, documentary games, political games, and more — we are changing who plays, how we play, and what play can mean. 

Explore the creative potentials and social implications of emerging technologies and cultural practices.  Experiment with ideas, processes, collaborative research, and social action.  Become a critical thinker, artistic innovator, and responsible leader.

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