Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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Current DANM Students

I like to make art about science and things I find on the ground.

Simon works primarily with image sequences and computers, exploring their ability to represent memory. He has created multimedia projects for Oregon Public Broadcasting, Drain: Journal of Contemporary Art and Culture, Nisus Gallery, the Everett Daily Herald,, The Santiago Times, and... more

Kathleen Deck has sought innovative paths and connections between creativity and sustainability to develop her arts research practice at the intersection of art and science. She is a new media artist MFA candidate at the University of California Santa Cruz, interested in themes of... more

I am interested in structure, language, meaning and form - especially as they are investigated and reconfigured in interdisciplinary encounters. I write computationally mediated poetry, think about the limits of language, and explore the Oulipian premise that investigating constrained forms can... more

Cross-platform visual media specialist based at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Climate change is real. Climate change is being substantially increased by humans and the carbon we put into the atmosphere. And it appears to be speeding up. If science has made any mistakes, science has been underestimating it.

-James Balog

As a cross-media artist, my work tests the limits of design, structure, and material. Much of the work is designed to cross platforms from digital media and techonology into more traditional forms. Each piece is the result of tireless transmutation from one interpretation to another, examining a... more

Chelsea likes weird interdisciplinary multimedia performance art and basset hounds.

Chelsea is also a stan for Windows Paint.

Seeking perspective, authenticity, synchronicity and movement by capturing decisive moments in nature and human experiences. Through wandering our planet Earth, Carinne aspires to spark adventurous and creative interactions with our natural environment.  

I like to make games. I am particularly interested in how the most basic elements of interaction and representation can be used to craft meaning and impact in games, and in using games to tackle difficult subjects and complex emotions. Some of my better known creations include... more

I am interested in questions regarding the real and the virtual. What is it that constitutes the real? What is the importance of the imaginary? How our virtual-experiences influence our real lives? What is the significance of our virtual-friends?

Zoe is a Mexican-Venezuelan filmmaker, multimedia artist and producer who specializes in non-fiction interactive work.

Interested in the interaction between film and technology to create immersive environments to voice the marginalized. Social justice issues, migration and human rights guide my work. I'm also keen to develop sustainable solutions which are participatory in nature to understand power dynamics... more