Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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Collaborative Research

Students participate in a Collaborative Research Project Group in one of four possible DANM research focus areas. These faculty-initiated, three-quarter-long projects span a student's first and second years.  
Here are descriptions of 2016-17 Collaborative Research Project Groups.
Here are descriptions of 2017-18 Collaborative Research Project Groups.

This work is intended to provide the student with the opportunity to learn collaborative and practical research methodologies, and to participate in a professional-level research project.

There are several ways to approach collaboration in the DANM collaborative research project groups. 

• The group leader may use the overarching project model and integrate individuals into their research, assigning tasks with a specific outcome in mind, potentially taking the piece into the world with each participant receiving credit. 

• The leader may have an overarching theme for the group and individuals may contribute unique pieces of their own devising; the work of the group may travel out into the world together. 

• The group may critique each others work but each individual is pursuing their own research and there may not be future exhibitions, performances, publication, etc. together.