Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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DANM students explore the broad spectrum of digital media arts, from physical computing to interactive video to performance technologies, and much more. Learn about their individual research and exciting projects.

In addition to individual student and faculty research, DANM hosts Collaborative Research Project groups in four research focus areas. Students participate in one of four possible faculty-initiated, three-quarter-long projects that span the student's first and second years.

This work is intended to provide the student with the opportunity to learn collaborative and practical research methodologies, and to participate in a professional-level research project.

collaborative research focus areas:

mechatronics - the functional integration of mechanical, electronic, and information technologies.

participatory culture - the role of information and communication technologies in the current shift from “top-down” culture to a culture of participation and social engagement.

performative technologies - new methods for combining media and technology to create the visual, aural and connective material of performance.

playable media - the potential of computational systems for the creation of new media forms that invite and structure play.