DANM admits students each fall. The application period for Fall admission begins October 1 and ends January 7.

DANM may be making the transition to a three-year program within the next year. If this happens, we will publish it widely.

To learn about the DANM MFA Program

For your convenience, all of the DANM MFA program information is online. Please study these sites carefully.

General Overview:

Click Program for the description of the program and core courses. Click on People to find faculty you may wish to ask questions of. Click on Research for descriptions of the collaborative research project groups at the core of the program. 

UCSC Graduate Division:

Look here for the rules, regulations and application process, as well as links for international students:

Cost of attending:

2012-13 Estimated Graduate Student Budget:

Teaching assistantships that cover most of the tuition and fees (except for non-residents) are guaranteed in the first year. In the second year, students apply for these assistantships. Even in these tough times, all our graduate students who want TAships have secured them this year. We do all we can to put together enticing financial packages as we are competing with some of the best programs in the country for some of the best students.


To Apply to DANM

1) Read the Admissions Requirements and Application Guidelines.

2) Read the Application Filing Instructions for graduate studies at UCSC.

3) Submit an On-line Application at the Division of Graduate Studies web site.