Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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Applying to DANM: Admissions Requirements

Prospective students in the Digital Arts and New Media program will have a foundation in the arts with some demonstrated interest in technology or a foundation in technology with demonstrated background in the arts. Many, but not all, entering students will have completed a Bachelor of Arts program in one or more of the arts disciplines (art or art history, film, multimedia, music, theater, video, etc.) or a Bachelor of Science program in computer science or computer or electrical engineering. Other successful applicants will have a BA or BS in another field but will be able to show substantial achievement in the arts, in technology or in digital arts.


In certain cases, students who demonstrate excellent potential for the program but lack proficiency in a “cross discipline” will be admitted to the program with the understanding that they will take courses during their first two quarters of study to make up that deficiency. An arts student lacking sufficient programming experience, for example, will be expected to take one or two programming courses in their first two quarters in addition to the DANM program requirements.


Students will apply online through the Division of Graduate Studies web site between October and January for the following fall quarter. In addition to submitting an online application, students will be expected to submit an online portfolio. Further information can be found at:


English language test scores are required. Applicants from countries where English is not the primary language must take either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test.

For those choosing to take the TOEFL, a minimum score on the paper-based TOEFL of 550, or 220 on the computer-based test, or 83 on the internet-based test is required for admission. 

For those choosing to take the IELTS, our institution requires an overall band score of 7 or higher on the IELTS. An overall score of 8 from the IELTS test is required for all new international students who may serve as a Teaching Assistant at any time during their graduate career. 

Vist this page, then scroll down to Special Instructions for International Students.


As of spring 2007, GRE scores are no longer required when applying to the DANM MFA Program.