Digital Arts and New Media: MFA: Collaboration, Innovation, Social Impact

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Sharon Daniel

Film and Digital Media


Film and Digital Media Professor Sharon Daniel states, “My research and artistic practice exploit new information and communications technologies, as media, for the creation of 'Collaborative Systems.' Communication is the material, and collaboratively generated 'systems of communication' are the equivalent of the 'art objects' of this media, as I use it. However, unlike objects produced in traditional art practices these object/systems continuously evolve. A key experimental parameter of 'my' works is that they are authored not only by me, but also by participants in local and on-line communities. In these collaborations I design frameworks where participants build databases based on their own experiences and are provided with the tools they need to structure and interpret that data themselves.


“My work has evolved from interactive sculpture and video installation to experimental projects that recast networked on-line environments as public, community and collaborative sites. I see myself as an artist/scholar, engaged in an artistic, intellectual and political endeavor that incorporates both theory and practice and bridges the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences.”


Program Chair, Digital Arts and New Media (2007-2010)