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Marguerite Elisabeth Kalhor (DANM ’17) & Simon Boas (DANM ’18) Featured in ROME

Monday, May 22, 2017 - 3:43pm

Institute for Network Cultures Conference

Rome, Italy, May 22-23, 2017 

Marguerite Elisabeth Kalhor (DANM ’17) & Simon Boas (DANM ’18) have art and multimedia projects as part of the Fear and Loathing of the Online Self: A Savage Journey into the Heart of Digital Cultures!

Excerpt from "About": "The cynical condition rules: we know we’re under surveillance, yet we continue to click, like, love and share ourselves online as usual. We are told by concerned experts and libertarians that our privacy 'matters' and we want to believe it; yet it silently confers a guilty stigma upon another vital need, to engage socially and culturally with others. While some preach the offline escape as a way out, most of us are so deeply invested in the everyday social media life that it is inconceivable for most of us to leave Facebook and the like..."